On-Demand Sales Team

Global On-Demand End-to-End Salesforce for hire. We provide all of the steps within the sales process, so you don’t have to.

Elevate the trajectory of your sales with Konsyg’s Comprehensive On-Demand Sales Services. As connoisseurs in the B2B tech landscape, our team pioneers end-to-end sales solutions. We deliver the crucial SDR groundwork while seamlessly transitioning into closing deals, ensuring a consistent sales cycle from lead generation to revenue realization.

We Help You Close Deals

Konsyg commences with a panoramic view of your sales strategy:

  • Which methods are succeeding, and which are not?
  • Where do the disconnects lie?

Our team specializes in pinpointing and rectifying the frailties within your sales strategies, crafting a comprehensive plan that underpins both immediate sales success and a robust long-term sales foundation.

The Konsyg System

Konsyg’s Full Sales Enablement assures a strategic and operational synergy. We offer forthright guidance and direct involvement to drive sales initiatives that align with your growth aspirations, covering both SDR functions and comprehensive sales closing capabilities.

Why is entrusting your entire sales process to Konsyg a lever for your business growth?

Leverage the benefit of an on-demand seasoned sales force and cutting-edge tools. Streamline your route to market without the delays of hiring and training, simultaneously achieving cost-effectiveness and swiftness.

Infuse your sales strategy with innovative perspectives from seasoned professionals. Stay ahead with sales best practices, ideal for overcoming plateaus or initiating transformative changes in your sales approach.

Outsourcing with Konsyg provides the ability to dynamically scale your sales operations to respond to market flux and organizational demands—ensuring an agile, adaptive sales strategy.



Consultation: Initiate your partnership with a session focused on understanding your business aspirations and existing sales framework.



ROI Assessment: Secure a comprehensive ROI Plan, delving into the intricate ways your objectives align with revenue generation.



Playbook Strategy: Receive a bespoke Playbook from Konsyg, outlining the tactical approach to your tailored sales campaign.



Agreement Finalization: Finalize the Service Agreement and set a launch date, cementing the steps toward campaign initiation.



Execution: Experience the kickoff of your sales campaign



Check-Ins: Regular reports and consistent weekly check-ins with a dedicated Konsyg liaison

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Konsyg, through its extensive engagement with diverse B2B software partners, imparts wisdom and refined sales strategies and tactics. We integrate deeply with our clients’ operations, supplying not only foundational SDR activities but also advanced sales processes to elevate your conversion rates.

Benefits Of Outsourcing On-Demand Sales

Global Reach

Konsyg operates in multiple countries, allowing businesses to access an extensive network of sales professionals who understand local markets and can assist in expanding your global footprint.

Expertise in B2B Sales

Konsyg specializes in B2B sales, making us a suitable choice for businesses targeting other businesses. Our team is trained and experienced in navigating complex sales cycles.

Scalability and Flexibility

Konsyg offers scalable solutions, enabling businesses to flexibly adjust the size of our outsourced sales team to match fluctuations in demand or growth opportunities.

Our Mission

Konsyg stands firm in the belief that the perceived need to increase sales is often symptomatic of broader sales funnel inefficiencies. Contemplate these queries before enhancing your sales structure:

  • Are you truly in tune with your customers’ needs?
  • Have you accurately pinpointed your target market?
  • Is your messaging striking a chord?
  • Do your sales channels optimally engage prospects?
  • How easily can prospects navigate to your solutions?

What This Service Includes

Global / Regional Sales

Sales Strategy Evaluation

Sales Playbook Formulation

Email Sales Campaigns

Impactful Success Case Studies

Lead Nurturing Programs

Testimonial Strategy

Strategic Content for Sales

Targeted Social Selling

Partner & Channel Sales Strategies


Konsyg’s On-Demand Sales Insights

What encompasses Konsyg’s end-to-end sales services?

Konsyg delivers a comprehensive suite of services to cover the full sales cycle. Our offerings include Sales Strategy Evaluation, Sales Playbook Creation, Email/Calling and Presentation Sales Campaigns, Impactful Success Case Studies, Lead Nurturing Programs, Testimonial Strategy, Strategic Content Creation for Sales, Targeted Social Selling, and Partner & Channel Sales Strategies.

How does Konsyg approach sales strategy?

We begin with an extensive analysis of your current sales strategy, identifying what’s working and what’s not. We excel at detecting and remedying weaknesses, developing a full-spectrum sales strategy that paves the way for both immediate wins and sustainable growth.

What is the 'Konsyg Difference' in B2B sales?

Our focus is B2B sales, an area in which we have honed our expertise through partnerships with over 500 tech firms. Our deep understanding of the nuances of B2B sales dynamics sets us apart and drives success.

Can Konsyg integrate with my existing sales team?

Absolutely. Konsyg acts as an extension of your team, enhancing your sales infrastructure with intelligence and engineered methodologies that elevate your entire sales process.

What execution capabilities does Konsyg offer?

Konsyg’s Full Sales Enablement not only strategizes but also actively engages in the sales process. We provide hands-on guidance and direct participation in sales initiatives, fulfilling both SDR functions and full sales closing activities.

What are the advantages of outsourcing my entire sales process to Konsyg?

By outsourcing your sales process to Konsyg, you gain immediate access to experienced sales professionals and advanced tools. This approach accelerates your time to market, optimizes cost efficiency, and ensures quick scalability.


How can Konsyg’s services provide fresh insights into my sales strategy?

Our team brings innovative perspectives and best practices to your sales strategy, offering new ways to break through plateaus and foster significant transformations in your sales approach.

Is the scalability with Konsyg’s sales outsourcing truly agile?

Yes, we offer the flexibility to scale your sales operations up or down in response to market changes and internal needs, maintaining an agile and responsive sales strategy.

How does Konsyg’s full sales offering differ from SDR work?

Our full sales offering encompasses the entire sales journey from initial strategy to closing deals, while SDR work typically focuses on the front end of the sales cycle, such as lead generation and qualification.

How do I get started with Konsyg?

To initiate your journey with Konsyg, contact us for a consultation to tailor our full-spectrum sales services to your specific needs and growth goals.

How will I be involved in the sales process when working with Konsyg?

We believe in collaborative partnership. You will have regular updates and strategic meetings to ensure our sales efforts are aligned with your business vision and objectives.

How can Konsyg enhance my current sales processes?

With our comprehensive services, we can fill gaps, optimize current strategies, and introduce advanced techniques and tools that drive efficiency and success in your sales activities.

What kind of businesses can benefit from Konsyg’s full sales outsourcing?

Any B2B organization looking to enhance their sales results can benefit, especially those in the tech sector given our extensive experience and proven track record.

Global Approach

Konsyg’s global presence is a testament to our expansive capability to engage and drive sales across all markets. With a seasoned team adept in the nuances of regional business practices, our reach extends from the bustling innovation hubs of North America to the diverse and dynamic markets of EMEA and APAC. This worldwide footprint not only signifies our ability to traverse geographical and cultural boundaries but also reflects our commitment to delivering tailored, localized sales strategies. Whether it’s leveraging the tech-savvy landscapes of Silicon Valley or navigating the growth-centric economies of Asia, Konsyg stands as a global partner equipped to sell and scale with you in any market.

Insights of Konsyg's Services


Konsyg operates on a 100% retainer model, akin to hiring a dedicated team. They do not use cost-per-action or profit sharing. Retainer prices depend on project complexity and can be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually, with a 2-month deposit required. Internal incentive programs ensure quality and commitment.


Konsyg assigns experienced teams, led by an Account Manager, as a unified voice for your campaign. Campaigns involve 6-11 staff members daily, but no “headcount” charges apply; KPIs are company-wide. Staff identities can shift to your brand for seamless, undisclosed outsourcing.


We conduct thorough Deep Dive meetings with clients to address complex products and audiences. Our experience spans diverse industries, including technology, enabling agility and innovation. We excel in handling intricate products and niche audiences, ensuring value enhancement.


Konsyg guarantees dedicated, global and industry-expert teams, ensuring complete confidentiality and seamless brand integration. We provide tailored solutions for complex products and niche audiences, employing innovative approaches for maximum value and results.

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