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Our Journey

Founded in 2017 by ex-Google sales and knowledge manager William Gilchrist, Konsyg set itself out to recruit the best and brightest minds within the global sales industry to build a standalone salesforce to scale technology across multiple markets. Gilchrist quickly teamed up with ex-Coldwell Banker and former CEO of Synergy Solutions Joseph Flaten to build out the operations to make this standalone sales army a reality. Since our inception, we have taken multiple companies from Seed to Series A funding, and have generated tens of millions of dollars in direct sales revenue for our clients.

Meet Our Leadership

The brains behind our success. We have seen it all, striving our way towards achievements and awards while maintaining a group of diverse people. 

Redefining the Sales System

We aim to make innovation accessible to the world. 

Our strategies are based on our core values of honesty, diversity, integrity, transparency, knowledge, and perseverance. 

Konsyg believes in building efficient systems for our clients that result in higher levels of overall profitability.

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