4 Quarter Plan

  • Monthly
  • $8,000 USD
  • Basic Plan
  • Lead Generation
  • Monthly
  • $15,000 USD
  • Pro Plan
  • Full Stack Sales Package
  • Annual
  • Enterprise Plan
  • Full Global Sales Package

Hire your own sales leader

The Average Salary is $200,000 USD Annually. The hire will require ramp up time which usually takes around 3-4 months. You will have to incur employment administrative costs (like health insurance), all while having the inevitable attrition risk... oh wait, the hire will also need to hire a TEAM!

Konsyg Option

Konsyg operates on contractual arrangements and able to activate with minimal ramp up time. There are no added Employment administrative costs and we come fully stocked on each account with a multi-headcount global sales team.