SDR Pipeline Development (Inbound / Outbound)

A strategic outbound initiative for engaging vital prospects and sectors that are integral to your firm’s expansion.


Konsyg’s Outbound SDR Services builds sales pipelines for the B2B sector, blending deep tech knowledge with a keen understanding of modern IT trends. We customize outbound SDR campaigns to meet the unique needs of your target market, ensuring effective strategies for business growth.

Our approach goes beyond basic lead generation by incorporating early-stage demos, enhancing the qualification of prospects for better sales conversions. With this strategy, we provide a strong, vetted sales pipeline for consistent business scaling.

Pipeline Development

Konsyg applies a targeted, multi-faceted method to pipeline creation, starting with comprehensive account and persona profiling, followed by customized outbound engagement, focused email campaigns, and strategic social selling.

Our proficient team of SDRs is distributed across key regions in the UK, USA, and APAC, equipped with market-specific knowledge and linguistic fluency.

Konsyg harnesses state-of-the-art data and technology infrastructures to expand and refine our team’s capabilities, perfectly harmonizing tech innovation with personal engagement.

The Konsyg System

Konsyg’s Full Sales Enablement assures a strategic and operational synergy. We offer forthright guidance and direct involvement to drive sales initiatives that align with your growth aspirations, covering both SDR functions and comprehensive sales closing capabilities.

Why is entrusting your entire sales process to Konsyg a lever for your business growth?

Leverage the benefit of an on-demand seasoned sales force and cutting-edge tools. Streamline your route to market without the delays of hiring and training, simultaneously achieving cost-effectiveness and swiftness.

Infuse your sales strategy with innovative perspectives from seasoned professionals. Stay ahead with sales best practices, ideal for overcoming plateaus or initiating transformative changes in your sales approach.

Outsourcing with Konsyg provides the ability to dynamically scale your sales operations to respond to market flux and organizational demands—ensuring an agile, adaptive sales strategy.



Consultation: Initiate your partnership with a session focused on understanding your business aspirations and existing sales framework.



ROI Assessment: Secure a comprehensive ROI Plan, delving into the intricate ways your objectives align with revenue generation.



Playbook Strategy: Receive a bespoke Playbook from Konsyg, outlining the tactical approach to your tailored sales campaign.



Agreement Finalization: Finalize the Service Agreement and set a launch date, cementing the steps toward campaign initiation.



Execution: Experience the kickoff of your sales campaign



Check-Ins: Regular reports and consistent weekly check-ins with a dedicated Konsyg liaison

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DETECT: Specifying target accounts, markets, and personas.

MAP OUT: In-depth account mapping and key decision-maker identification.

EVALUATE: Pinpointing buying centers, articulating pain points, and assessing needs.

CONNECT: Orchestrating multichannel outbound engagement initiatives.

FOSTER: Developing long-term prospect relationships.

MEASURE: Systematic performance analysis and ROI quantification.

Benefits Of Outsourcing On-Demand Sales

Global Reach

Konsyg operates in multiple countries, allowing businesses to access an extensive network of sales professionals who understand local markets and can assist in expanding your global footprint.

Expertise in B2B Sales

Konsyg specializes in B2B sales, making them a suitable choice for businesses targeting other businesses. Our team is trained and experienced in navigating complex sales cycles.

Scalability and Flexibility

Konsyg offers scalable solutions, enabling businesses to flexibly adjust the size of our outsourced sales team to match fluctuations in demand or growth opportunities.

Our Mission

Konsyg stands firm in the belief that the perceived need to increase sales is often symptomatic of broader sales funnel inefficiencies. Contemplate these queries before enhancing your sales structure:

  • Are you truly in tune with your customers’ needs?
  • Have you accurately pinpointed your target market?
  • Is your messaging striking a chord?
  • Do your sales channels optimally engage prospects?
  • How easily can prospects navigate to your solutions?

Some areas we focus on:

Network Security Analytical

Intelligence & Data Management

Organizational Efficiency

Strategies Technology

Framework & Systems Virtual

Computing Environments

Economic Tech Solutions Digital

Marketing Systems Employee

Management Systems

Application Creation Processes

Connected Devices & Smart

Technologies Artificial

Intelligence & Machine Learning

Enterprise Resource Planning

(ERP) Customer Relationship

Management (CRM) E-Commerce Tech Solutions Mobile

Technology Innovations

Educational Technology (EDTECH) Healthcare

Information Systems Supply

Chain Management Technologies

Energy Management Systems

Smart City Technologies


Konsyg’s Pipeline Development Insights

How does Konsyg integrate with existing sales frameworks?

Konsyg’s approach is to seamlessly synergize with your current sales infrastructure. We provide specialized input that complements and amplifies your existing sales initiatives, aiming to maximize market reach and engage untapped sectors.

What is outbound pipeline development at Konsyg?

Outbound pipeline development at Konsyg involves proactive outreach to establish the first point of contact with potential clients, actively presenting your offerings to the right demographic to create connections beyond your inbound marketing strategies.

Should our company focus more on outbound or inbound methods?

Konsyg believes in a strategic blend of both outbound and inbound methods. Each plays a critical role in driving business growth and client acquisition. Our approach integrates both methods to enrich your overall lead generation and nurturing processes.

What are the advantages of outsourcing pipeline development to Konsyg?

Outsourcing your pipeline development to Konsyg provides proficient sales expertise, cost efficiencies, scalable solutions, access to advanced sales technologies, quicker market entry, enhanced agility, and minimized business risks.

How does Konsyg craft a robust outbound pipeline strategy?

We craft a robust outbound pipeline strategy through comprehensive planning that includes defining the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), determining outreach methodologies, and setting measurable objectives to ensure a dynamic, evolving strategy that aligns with your business’s growth stages.

Who can benefit from Konsyg's service spectrum?

Konsyg’s services are designed for B2B SaaS enterprises across various verticals such as cybersecurity, analytics, IoT, and more. Our solutions are adaptable for businesses of all sizes, from emerging startups to established corporations.

How can I discover more about Konsyg's pipeline development services?

To learn more about how our services can benefit your business, you can email us at or submit an inquiry through our contact form. Our team is eager to discuss how we can elevate your sales potential.

Can Konsyg's services integrate with specialized industries?

Yes, Konsyg’s services are customized to meet the needs of specialized industries, with a track record in various sectors, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in our strategic planning and execution.

What makes Konsyg different from other sales development services?

Konsyg stands out due to our specific expertise in B2B SaaS, a tailored approach to pipeline development, and a proven methodology that combines the best of outbound and inbound techniques to drive growth.

How does Konsyg handle sales tech integration?

Konsyg utilizes advanced sales technologies to streamline and enhance pipeline development. We work with your existing tech stack or recommend and integrate new solutions that align with your sales objectives.

Is there a commitment period for Konsyg's services?

The terms of engagement with Konsyg, including any commitment period, are tailored to fit the scope and scale of your project. These details are discussed and agreed upon during initial conversations.

How soon can we see results after partnering with Konsyg?

While the timeline for visible results can vary depending on several factors, including market conditions and the complexity of your sales cycle, Konsyg’s proactive strategies are designed for rapid implementation and market entry, aiming for tangible outcomes as efficiently as possible.

Does Konsyg offer services for international markets?

Konsyg has a global reach and can assist with pipeline development in international markets, adapting strategies to meet the unique demands and nuances of different regional landscapes.

Global Approach

Konsyg’s global presence is a testament to our expansive capability to engage and drive sales across all markets. With a seasoned team adept in the nuances of regional business practices, our reach extends from the bustling innovation hubs of North America to the diverse and dynamic markets of EMEA and APAC. This worldwide footprint not only signifies our ability to traverse geographical and cultural boundaries but also reflects our commitment to delivering tailored, localized sales strategies. Whether it’s leveraging the tech-savvy landscapes of Silicon Valley or navigating the growth-centric economies of Asia, Konsyg stands as a global partner equipped to sell and scale with you in any market.

Insights of Konsyg's Services


Konsyg operates on a 100% retainer model, akin to hiring a dedicated team. They do not use cost-per-action or profit sharing. Retainer prices depend on project complexity and can be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually, with a 2-month deposit required. Internal incentive programs ensure quality and commitment.


Konsyg assigns experienced teams, led by an Account Manager, as a unified voice for your campaign. Campaigns involve 6-11 staff members daily, but no “headcount” charges apply; KPIs are company-wide. Staff identities can shift to your brand for seamless, undisclosed outsourcing.


We conduct thorough Deep Dive meetings with clients to address complex products and audiences. Our experience spans diverse industries, including technology, enabling agility and innovation. We excel in handling intricate products and niche audiences, ensuring value enhancement.


Konsyg guarantees dedicated, global and industry-expert teams, ensuring complete confidentiality and seamless brand integration. We provide tailored solutions for complex products and niche audiences, employing innovative approaches for maximum value and results.

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