Global Sales Team

Konsyg will assign sales representatives to carry out your sales functions targeting any region. We will develop the sales process while providing data tracking systems for scaleable revenue strategies.

Sales Management

Konsyg will directly manage your current sales team. We will be the on-Demand “Vice President of Sales” to run, develop and execute on your sales needs.

Lead Generation

Konsyg takes on the pre-sales functions of your business. We will prospect, list build and scrub in order to give you the highest quality leads in the industry.

Customer Success

Konsyg provides customer success services for our clients. We can onboard new clients, troubleshoot concerns and report relevant feedback.

Learning and Development

We are partnered with top tier sales training programs. Ask us for more details on sales training sessions.

Pipeline Development

Sales pipelines are the lifeblood of a sales organization. We will build and manage your pipeline to reach revenue projections to your goals. Great for data insights and investor updates.


Q1 : Data Development / Pre-Sales / Lead Generation

Konsyg maps out your company's structure and relevant points of contact throughout the target region. We develop a full lead list for our sales team to engage and begin 'light touch' lead warming to conduct product demos. We also begin to identify the ideal customer profile for your business and develop a CRM sales process and lead funnel system to scale revenue. As a result you are left with a clear regional sales roadmap.

Q2 : Sales engagement

Konsyg continues to ramp up the lead generation top funnel. Konsyg engages the lead list with full field and inside sales execution.We identify common objections and make necessary adjustments to establish a sales cycle for scale. We will establish product feedback loop for your records.

Q3 : Sales engagement / Headcount Development

During this Quarter, Konsyg begins the recruitment process on your behalf of a full time sales team. We begin to roll out sales and process training while establishing a clear on-boarding process for the new hire

Q4 : Konsyg Disengage

After confirmation of new headcount, Konsyg begins the disengagement process. All while still generating revenue, Konsyg begins to handover materials to your internal headcount and management. Konsyg maintains a lead generation relationship with you for the sales rep on a subscription basis (monthly)