Tik Tok Becomes The #1 Domain

Leaving Google in The Second

6th July 2022 – The now trendly app, Tik Tok, has surpassed other social media platforms by being more accessed than Google and its services. On February 17th 2021, Byte Dance owned app, Tik Tok, takes over the world class and oldest domain to become the most popular search engine within few years of operation. This is explosive growth.

Today’s global phenomenon is Tik Tok. Unknowingly, we would have searched for the latest news and trends on the app which is worthy as the information provided are by daily consumers and generally holds genuine reviews.

Check out the chart below:

1. Tik Tok

2. Google

3. Facebook

4. Microsoft

5. Apple

6. Amazon

7. Netflix

8. Youtube

9. Twitter

10. WhatsApp

Why is Tik Tok more popular among millennials than Instagram and Facebook?

The reason is that it has become the emerging way to search for fresh stuff. This #1 app has become an inspiration for many other applications such as Reels on Instagram, and Shorts on Youtube.

Among 2 Billion users on Tik Tok, youth takes the majority. This application becomes one of the world’s popular platforms by opening a new ray to tell stories for the activists.

Research and data states pandemic could have been the reason behind the rise of the number of Tik Tok users. The interesting part is that even after getting banned from a country like India with billions of users, it still emerged as the #1 platform beating Google.

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