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We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston S. Churchill.

The power of giving back can lead to substantial changes in society. Contributing to a cause can have a rippling effect, impacting the lives of many. Education is the door to a world of opportunities.

Unfortunately, many children do not get access to quality education right from a young age. Inadequate resources are one of the prime reasons behind this. Konsyg understands the need for change. To be a part of the change Konsyg has partnered with Skeptron Riders Club (SRC) for a good cause on the outskirts of Cebu, Philippines. Every last Sunday of the month, we sponsor resources with (SRC), providing these children with 100 packs of drawing books, coloring books, pencils, erasers, crayons, etc.

Our employees are happy to put in the effort when it comes to helping these kids. Everyone together should bridge this gap between lack of resources and quality education. This constant outreach is a small step towards making an impact. Everyone is constantly working towards boosting the self-esteem and morale of these kids, transforming their lives for a better tomorrow.

The world must know the importance of providing children with the right resources to learn and grow. The approach toward giving back starts with making education accessible. Konsyg is proud to be a part of this cause. Compassion and a feeling of care are needed while you try to be part of the change. It is a matter of privilege to share hope and happiness with these children.

Our partnership with SRC is just one step towards a better future for these kids. Konsyg knows there is a long way to go. Everyone needs their own little to make this world a better place for these kids to learn and succeed in their lives

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