5 Ways To Grow

Your Brand on LinkedIn

For businesses wishing to expand in B2B Sales, B2B lead generation, recruitment, and events, and B2B marketing using LinkedIn, this platform offers a contemporary and profitable approach. 

Here are steps to up your branding game on LinkedIn:

1) Optimize your profile:

Tell people who you are and what you do and make it easier for them to locate you. Include keywords and phrases that will appeal to searchers with related interests in your headline, summary, and skills. Before they even meet you, what do you want people to know about you or remember you for?

2) LinkedIn publishing:

Our social media platforms are today almost all feed-driven. Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram all have feeds, but LinkedIn’s feed will thrill the most. Since LinkedIn is renowned for its professionalism, go ahead and post stuff there to show off your interests and individuality! Your LinkedIn profile views will soar once you start publishing.

3) Make your brand creative:

Paint a picture of your brand. Authenticity is important while developing your brand. And to do that, a human touch must be added.

Add videos, pictures, presentations you’ve worked on, or content you and your team have produced to make your description come to life.

4) Encourage interaction to increase activity:

Although you don’t need a lot of interaction to be successful, you should be actively interacting with your audience on LinkedIn by leaving comments, responding to them, and starting a dialogue.

5) LinkedIn Slide-deck sharing:

Featured section portfolios or LinkedIn Slide-deck might increase visitors to your page. You can curate them based on your point of view on current events or business trends. Alternatively, you can highlight your talents by sharing personal projects. On LinkedIn, you can also submit a file for users to read on their feed or create swipe posts. Making the thumbnail appealing and including a compelling headline will encourage readers to pause, click the post, and the rest is history.

But before you do, have the following in mind:

•Always act with your worth in mind.
•Become a dependable source.
•Speak with your audience rather than at them to establish a connection.


We could assist you with it as well: 

Social Marketing: We aim to make innovation accessible through the digital world
Specialist in digital marketing: We create marketing programs that are tailored to your specific sales KPIs.
Generating leads on LinkedIn: We have successfully transitioned several businesses from Seed to Series A funding since our founding, and we have brought in tens of millions of dollars in direct sales income for our clients.
B2B Promotion: There is fierce competition for customers’ business and attention. Therefore, there is a requirement of a B2B strategy that achieves results must be carefully planned, carried out, and managed.
B2B Leads: Konsyg possesses a shown history of success in assisting sales teams, marketing directors, and business owners to create leads that result in sales.

Since there is a cap on the number of invites you can send each week, it is particularly crucial to avoid just chasing relationships with everyone. Instead, pay attention to those you want to reach; quality rather than number is important.

Also, do not expect overnight success in terms of gaining lots of connections. It takes many months of posting, time, and effort to get noticed on the platform. Be patient, and the rewards will come.

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