5 Ways To Boost The Productivity

Of Your Sales Team the Globe

A sales rep spends only 39% of his time talking to prospects. Improving productivity and performance is the number one challenge for almost all sales leaders.

Sales productivity is the rate at which your team meets the revenue goals. Here are some ways to achieve higher goals:

1. Emphasizing sales training – Learning selling skills should never be a one-time thing. Coaching about customer strategies helps in having a more engaging dialogue.

2. Making a Schedule – Improving sales productivity would require salespeople to follow a routine. Pritiozing tasks give you a structure to work efficiently.

3. Assessing your sales tools – Streamlining your sales tools help reduce confusion and thus increase productivity. Try eliminating unnecessary and decluttering the workspace.

4. Focusing on your research – Filtering out the right leads will help you reach your sales goal faster. Proper research would lead to better results for your company.

5. Aligning your teams – Marketing and sales should be working together. Knowing each other goals would give a productivity boost to the whole company.

Increasing your sales productivity cannot happen overnight. Konsyg believes in empowering its sales team. Our internal training system helps in ensuring the best outcomes in the shortest time. Our on-demand sales team is productive and ready to help you grow.

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