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If you weren’t ready for the future of work already, the global “shift” and humanity calamity of COVID-19 gave you no choice but to fall in line…pronto! Most companies had already become accustomed to working from home, and were somewhat competent using mobile conferencing technology and dealing with teams remotely.

However, working with companies around the globe, I’m always a bit surprised to see how many business leaders are still a bit perplexed by now ubiquitous conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. Many people are unable to login, “unmute”, or their microphone and their bargain bin headsets are in lack leading to misunderstanding and generally terrible meetings.

Now the question begs as to how companies will change to adapt to these new modalities and way of interacting with their own teams but also their clients and prospects. If in person meetings were always the norm, have they already acclimated to “the new normal” and if so, how? Companies now need to know inward to measure and understand the productivity from these meetings, practice a bit of introspection and identify the benefits and challenges of each way of meetings.

Here are a few tips for successful virtual meetings (even 2-3 months into the “new normal”, many people still need these)

  1. Test your connection and hardware- If you’re going onto an important meeting, or just any meeting really, ask your team to help you check to see if they can hear you clearly. They will be able to tell you if your microphone quality is good or you need to head to Walmart (or your favorite eCommerce platform) and upgrade.

  2. Know where your mute button is- How many times have you been on a virtual meeting and the person on the other end told you that you couldn’t hear you? A few moments of your due diligence around the conferencing platform will save you some time…and face.

  3. Make sure you “are camera ready”- Make sure that your background is tidy and well organized. Make sure your clothes are also presentable – steer clear of t-shirts unless you’re a certifiable “tech-bro” and also wear them at your office. We know you’re at home but we don’t want to know too much about “the real you”. Keep it professional, Buster! 😉

  4. Know the different conferencing platforms- There are so many different platforms out there today. With Zoom, Google Hangouts, Uber Conference and GoToMeeting, each has its own nuances and quirks that you might want to prepare yourself for so you don’t end up on camera without expecting it!

Virtual conferences are here to stay so you might as well get used to it. So, try these tips out and let us know how it goes!

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