The Problem With Sales in Asia

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We’ve been brainstorming for a while at Tech Collective on a new direction for the publication, as we embark on a brand new chapter for the publication. We’ve had great success so far and achieved a lot of our goals, but like any good startup, we feel like we can do more.

So starting now, we’re exploring more long-form content and deep-dive interviews with great entrepreneurs, industry experts, and analysts from around the region.

On this occasion, we managed to grab William Gilchrist from Konsyg, for an exclusive chat about what he thinks about the condition of the sales industry in the region. William is the CEO and Founder at Konsyg, a Sales as a Service startup, currently based in Singapore.

Read what William had to share about sales earlier.

As an outspoken advocate of better sales practices and support for sales in Asia, we sat down with William to pick his brain and understand his viewpoints. Also, we really wanted to know what is lacking in this region and how we can change.

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