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It is all too easy for a prospect to become inundated with the onslaught of sales rhetoric, and falling quickly into an “analysis paralysis”. As new innovative solutions showcase themselves to the world, prospects are now beginning to play a waiting game for the winning sales story rather than being a realistic adopter.

The modern day prospect has evolved into a self-educated filter. In fact, companies today do more due diligence prior to making a decision than ever before. Online sources are ripe with industry trends combined with a daunting lists of justifiable praises and criticisms. Unfortunately, some sales representatives are still marketing exaggerated results they cannot possibly guarantee. Consumers want to believe that ‘quick fixes’ are true, however to quote Louis D. Brandeis:

“There are no shortcuts in evolution”

Unrealistic sales expectations can appear as early as the proposal stage. Prospects often ask for “guarantees” of success, hoping it will amalgamate business. Most desperate sales professionals oblige, polluting the market with false forecasts. However, we sales soldiers must resist all temptation to participate in these charades. Prioritize integrity and discourage attempts to falsely persuade leads during sales pitches.

Presenting any outcome as guaranteed should immediately be walked back to the realities of what the client can expect. Better yet, leave any expectation that doesn’t include access to flawless service and a consistent presence of communication out of the pitch all together.

Be honest and prioritize communicating clearly from the beginning.

False Prophecies

There is no fathomable means of predicting how or when deals will close.

Unless fortune telling is part of the sales job description, it’s not likely that a definitive sales outcome is 100% ‘predictable’. A professional salesperson may be able to influence the timing of a sale, but can never control that timing with absolution. Adversely, sales staff should understand the importance of empowering a prospective customer through connecting their business needs to your service and supporting their decision, a “yes or no”.

Compile a forecast of market trends based on supported data and offer it to the prospect for consideration if it helps bring a closer sales connection. It is imperative, however, that the pitch mindfully deliver factual information for prospects to consider.

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