Konny Unikorn

Former Candy-Corn Director joins the Konsyg sales force

Konny Unikorn aka “Kon-Kon,” is a former Director of “Candy-Corn” covering the Peppermint region. As a sales pixie dust expert, Konny headed up a team of sales fairies for 6 years and was previously the General Manager for Ice Cream Fudge Sauce. According to sources, Konny is currently based in Singapore and is due to head up the Happiness department for Konsyg pte. ltd.

Konsyg confirmed the move to The Elf Post earlier today, stating that, “We were skeptical of Konny’s background considering her achievements in happiness-spreading across organizations, but after we checked her references, we were beyond impressed.” This move comes soon after the controversial exit of the former Gnome-master, Dhonny.

Konny previously worked at a variety of firms within the Happiness sector between 2011 to 2016 after a 10 year career in the Dragon Slaying market.

William Gilchrist, CEO of Konsyg pte. ltd. stated that “As an ongoing push towards diversity, Konsyg has placed key people from various backgrounds into leadership positions.”

Ideally, the presence of Konny will assist in enhancing the quality, delivery and quantity of the sales force of Konsyg.

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