Sales as a Service

The Case of Konsyg

Konsyg, founded by William Gilchrist, is a company that provides On-Demand Sales Services. With more than 10 years of experience in sales throughout the United States and Asia-Pacific, William Gilchrist is a true expert in his field.

Konsyg is a thriving company that works mainly with B2B tech companies in different regions of the world. This Singapore-based company supports the entire sales process of a company also known as Sales as a Service.

But what does ‘Sales as a Service’ mean?

Sales as a Service is also referred to as SAAS. Rather than burdening companies with the responsibility to pitch and/or sell, sales as a service is a new approach that uses an intermediary. The intermediary becomes a real actor within the company, taking an active role beyond being a “consultant.”

By working with a SAAS company, companies can maintain proper proximity from their clients. Companies are looking for effective, long-term results. They look for qualified partners, with experience in the market, who will have the role of sales manager within the company. Because of this, sales as a service has become an essential need in the market.

Outsourcing sales has contributed to evolving visions many companies have regarding their own sales. There is no longer a question of selling miracle products/services with superficial benefits, but of really guiding the customer in the buying process. However, outsourcing sales is not a cure. It is a concept that allows for businesses to achieve their desired results in today’s challenging environment. Patience, learning, and development are the keys to success in growing sales.

As a SAAS company, Konsyg doesn’t just provide consultation but also helps companies optimize their sales functions. Acting as a real pillar for sales, Konsyg analyzes the needs of their customers to better meet their expectations and provide them with the best possible results.

As William says, “We don’t sell people a dishonest story, and I think that’s what’s most important about sales.” Rather than pitching a product and/or service, telling the truth about said product/service is what Konsyg does.

“Our goal is to ensure that you have new streams of revenue from areas you haven’t previously explored.”





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