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by Caroline Thotho

An educational interview with Konsyg’s Outbound specialist, Caroline Thotho. Read her talk about how technology exists to make Human Resources practices more efficient and impactful.

1. Would you please introduce yourself, tell us what you do and your background prior to Konsyg?

My name is Caroline Wanjinku Thotho and before I joined Konsyg I was working in Business Development and Operation Management for the last seven years.


2. What made you interested in calling up prospects?

Funny story. While I was searching for a job I got hired at a company and during the on job-training I was taught how to do cold calling. So the interest wasn’t there initially but it later on developed once I got the hang of it.


3. What do you like about it?

From my experience, the one thing I like about calling up prospects is that it really cuts down time when it comes to selling. Traditional selling methods like going door to door consumes too much time but if you are calling it will be easier for you to identify potential clients and prospects and that way you can know which people to spend more energy on and which people need to be communicated more so a trustworthy relationship can be formed. So that’s what I like about it. It just cuts down the time because the moment you finish a call; you know where to focus your energy on in terms of selling.


4. How was your experience as a sales rep?

My first experience as a sales rep was 10 years ago and that was also my first job. It was a lot of work as we used to do hotel based training within Africa and we had to prepare a lot of material, focus on logistics and we had to ensure everything goes smoothly after the client had decided to be a part of our training work but it’s important to remember that hard work always pays off.


5. One thing you like and dislike about sales

There’s nothing as exciting as waking up to know that you’re going to call and just close a deal especially if you’ve been running through a client over a period of time. And you know that this is the day that you are closing that deal. That’s what I like, that excitement. What I dislike is that it can be quite exhausting emotionally, mentally and physically, especially if you have to run around for meetings and you have this one day that people are deciding this is the only day we are available. 


6. What are some of the challenges that a person in this profession will face?

I would say it’s competitors. Also trying to get hold of people, trying to get hold of the right contact people to talk to regarding your service is a challenge. You book meetings; they don’t show up. You go to their offices; they don’t show up. You take virtual meetings; they don’t show up. It’s a challenge, but eventually you usually get through. That’s what I would think of. Every profession has its challenges.


7. How has your experience been so far in Konsyg?

My experience has been amazing so far. I believe I’m surrounded by a very supportive team. And to think it’s online is very mind blowing because sometimes you’re working in an office physically with people, but they’re not supportive. They know your personality because you’re spending almost eight, nine hours with them in the office every day, Monday to Friday but they’re still not supportive. But with Konsyg it has been amazing. I’ve never met anyone physically, but the team is very supportive. I work with Dee; she is very supportive. I also work with Donnabelle, a very amusing and supportive person. They’re very understanding if I don’t grasp things as instantly. So they’re giving me that time to learn and grow by well, at my own pace.


8. What do you think is unique about Konsyg?

I think it is unique in all its aspects, first and foremost. I couldn’t even understand what sales as a service meant myself. So it’s very different from the service that it provides. I don’t know any companies out there that do this, there isn’t any Nairobi that I know or even heard of. So it’s very unique in the fact that within the business, the service that we provide sales to other companies, that’s very unique about it. The second unique thing I’d say is the fact that it’s a global company, because as much as it has their headquarters in Singapore, it has people from literally almost all over the world and that’s just amazing to me.


9. How does technology help HRM in firms?

Technology can help HR teams/departments analyze their employee’s performances, how well they fit in the job roles and also company profile and culture. When used well, it can help organizations maximize on their practices and minimize challenges and redundancy.


10. How do two different fields of studies, psychology, and HR, go hand in hand in an organization?

Psychology focuses on Human behavior and HR focus mainly lies in dealing with people. These two go hand in hand as Psychology gives more behavioral traits in people than can be done face to face or through an interview. Psychology is a powerful tool and skill that reduces the risks of HR from hiring an unsuitable candidate for the organization.

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